The Wearable Tech Revolution

Six months ago, I launched a new program unlike anything the financial research world has ever seen.

Its goal was simple – to give a small group of Money Map readers the opportunity to become ultra-wealthy

Via direct capital investing in oil and gas drilling projects I'd personally selected and vetted for them.

I originated this program because direct investing is where the REAL money is.

Done correctly, it has turned more everyday investors into millionaires – and more millionaires into billionaires

Than any other force in the history of human commerce. 

But direct investing can be a slippery slope. That's one reason why the federal government outlawed it for the general public in 1933.

However, because of a subtle change in federal trading law last fall…

A loophole that few investors (or financial advisors) even know about

I can now show a select few Money Map readers how to make big money in oil and gas – the exact same way the Big Boys have done it for the last 80 years.

And with me calling the shots, that "slippery slope" is going to be more like a stairway to profit heaven.

The proof of that is evident in my very first recommendation under this program.

As you'll see in a moment, this project is already gushing millions of dollars worth of light, sweet Texas crude…

And it's only 1/25th of the way complete!

This kind of performance isn't a fluke, either.

As I've been saying since I launched this new program back in December…

Every single direct capital deal I'll recommend will have the potential to book you gains that far exceed any other kind of investing you can do.

And taken together, these deals could make you a millionaire many times over

Even with a relatively modest investment.

The deal I've been working tirelessly on for the last six months – Money Map Project #2 – is no exception.

It's a unique "quick hit" opportunity that I'm estimating could pay you back your entire capital investment within the first 60 days of drilling.

Plus I'm projecting low-risk, short-term gains of at least 337%

And likely much more.

Yes, I'm going to show you the figures behind these projections in just a moment.

I'm also going to show you the three critical reasons why interested investors must move quickly on this new project.

But first, let me take a moment to show you what's happening on the ground at Money Map Project #1 – in south Texas…

Because it's the perfect illustration of the kinds of returns that are possible with my new direct investing research program.

Project #1 has hit a GUSHER —
and there are still 24 wells to go!

I'm going to be very honest with you…

Things are NOT unfolding exactly the way I anticipated on the ground at Money Map Project #1, in Texas.

They're actually better – by a substantial margin!

In fact, as I'll show you in a moment, the latest on-site numbers strongly suggest…

That I may have been way too conservative in my initial profit projections for this 25-well oil and gas drilling project.

Based on pre-drilling data, I'd estimated that investors in Money Map Project #1 could realistically expect to:

  • Begin collecting cash from wellhead oil and gas production within six months.
  • More than double their total investment in the project within the first year.
  • Turn every $12,500 they invested into long-term gains of up to $281,000.

But as impressively lucrative as this return-on-investment scenario is…

In all likelihood, it radically changed – for the richer – on May 12th of this year.

That's when the very first well of Money Map Project #1 literally hit a gusher!

It happened just below 6,300 feet, in a vein of oil- and gas-rich rock called the Buda Limestone.

Once they hit that Buda Lime layer, oil started flooding the well at rates of 100–250 barrels per hour…

And in virtually no time, 63,000 gallons of premium Texas crude had formed a growing lake in a holding pit next to the well.

It wasn't just some small, isolated pocket of oil, either.

In fact, ever since that May 12th oil strike, this one well alone has been gushing between 600 and 1,600 barrels of oil per day…

With no sign of slowing up!

Contracts are already inked on this phenomenal flow of oil, too – which means if you'd bought into Money Map Project #1

You'd already be scheduled to start receiving fat monthly revenue checks.

In fact, over $1 million worth of these checks are being cut this month

That's right: More than $1 million in oil revenue from Money Map Project #1 will already be back in investors' pockets!

This is precisely on track with my six-month estimate for initial returns from the project.

But again – it's far exceeding my early estimates for oil and gas production!

Now, to be perfectly clear: This inaugural well is an exceptional performer.

They don't ALL come home so spectacularly, I can promise you.

But that doesn't change the fact that there are still 24 more wells to bring on line in Money Map Project #1

And they're all right there in the same oil-rich acreage!

So like I said, my initial return projections for this project – both first-year and long-term – may have been grossly low.

Remember, too, that these kinds of wells can produce marketable quantities of oil and gas for as long as 20-30 years.

Bottom line: By all indications, Money Map Project #1 is going to be an incredible moneymaker for investors who got in on it.

But let me be crystal clear about something right up front…

I'm NOT showing you this to rub salt in your wounds if you didn't sign up for my new program of direct oil and gas deal recommendations.

I'm doing it so that you won't miss out on the incredible moneymaking opportunity I'm offering you today with Money Map Project #2.

Because in some ways, this new "quick hit" direct capital investment deal…

Which I've spent hundreds of man hours putting together for Money Map readers…

Could potentially be even better for investors than our inaugural drilling project in Texas, which is already ringing the register for millions!

And like Money Map Project #1

NOBODY can get in on this deal except qualified Money Map readers (I'll explain what that means in a moment).

But fair warning: There's definitely a catch to this particular opportunity…

One that favors the bold — and will shut out those who hesitate.

You'll see what I mean by that as I lay out the specifics of this deal, starting now…

Introducing Money Map Project #2:
The perfect "quick hit" follow-up to our Texas oil gusher.

When I launched this new program back in December…

It literally caught the investing world flatfooted.

Nobody saw it coming. I was the first one to lead my readers into this lucrative space.

And ever since we unveiled Money Map Project #1

I've been inundated with companies seeking my recommendation for this program.

In fact, over the last few months, I've gone over no less than 23 different oil and gas drilling projects with a fine-toothed comb.

But out of all these projects, many of which looked very promising…

Only ONE met my "10 Cardinal Rules" for inclusion in my direct capital research program (I'll refresh you on these rules in a moment).

I'm calling it Money Map Project #2.

Unlike our first project, which is coming online gradually – and is structured to offer investors 20–30 years of steady monthly revenue…

This second project has very different objectives:

  • The fastest possible recovery of your initial capital investment.
  • Instant revenue from oil and gas production – with minimized risk.
  • Explosive short-term profits of 337% (and likely more).

How is Money Map Project #2 going to achieve these "quick hit" objectives?

It's because of a unique, two-tiered approach I've been able to set up for this deal, which allows a greater potential for rapid payback

And as close as you'll get to "sure-thing" returns

Than ANY direct investment opportunity I've ever seen in 38 years at the frontlines of oil and gas (I'll show you exactly why in a moment).

But as I mentioned, there's a catch to this deal: If you want to get in on it, you must move fast.

Because if things go the way I predict they will…

The door is only going to be open on Money Map Project #2 for a few precious days.

Let me begin to show you why right now…

As I mentioned before, it has to do with the double-tiered nature of this new project.

The first tier of Money Map Project #2 is focused on giving you the fastest possible recovery of your investment.

I'm talking about a likely "break even" date of 60 days, at MOST…

Followed by fast profits of 337% on your money, at LEAST.

Here are the specifics right now…


We hear a lot of rhetoric (especially during presidential elections) about oil wells taking ten years to get up and running…

But the truth is, certain kinds of oil wells can be up and running in mere days – and recoup every penny of drilling capital in just a few months.

After that, it's nothing but gravy for investors.

And believe it or not, that's EXACTLY the "fast oil" scenario I've been able to arrange for you in the Saline River basin of Sheridan County, Kansas.

There, in the rock strata of the famous "Mississippian Limestone" oil play…

An area that's been producing hundreds of millions of barrels of oil since 1892…

Lies the first juicy profit target for capital invested in Money Map Project #2.

By using state-of-the-art 3D seismic surveying technologies…

The driller has located a number of very promising geological anomalies on the 25,000 acres they've leased for this part of the project.

Known in the industry as "bumps," these anomalies correlate with significant pockets of oil more than 80% of the time.

Now here's the unusual (and lucrative) part…

Compared to typical oil and gas target zones, these Kansas oil pockets are relatively close to the surface – around 4,000 feet.

In other words, they're shallow.

And that's actually the key to their huge potential profitability.

Because they're shallow, and because they've been precisely pinpointed by high-tech seismic imaging…

These sweet spots of oil can be extracted with cheap, easy-to-drill vertical wells!

And when you're drilling wells fast and cheap – with a better than 80% probability of success…

You'll have a much bigger profit margin than most of today's "fracking" projects.

To put this in perspective for you…

Deep, horizontal "fracked" wells can take up to six months to set up, drill, and begin producing marketable quantities of oil and gas.

And they can cost as much as $2 million or more.

But the vertical wells that'll be drilled for this first tier of Money Map Project #2 are projected to cost around one third this much…

And these "fast oil" wells can be spudded, drilled, and producing in an extremely short amount of time!

Now, here's the really interesting part about this – from a profit standpoint…

Once these conventional, vertical oil wells are drilled, they yield their biggest profits almost immediately

In my experience, based on years of data from various oil zones across America…

It's typical for as much as 80% of a "fast oil" well's production to occur in the first two years.

This is the best possible scenario for rapid payback of your investment.

In fact, based on the numbers I've received from this project's driller…

Which means yield figures of similar wells, drilled on geologically similar acreage…

I calculate that your total investment in Money Map Project #2 could be back in your pocket within 60 days of drilling on this Kansas lease.

And that's whether you invest the minimum buy-in (I'll give you those specifics in a moment – it's surprisingly cheap) or a million dollars!

Every dime the wells generate after that point is pure profit in your pocket.

Your cut of these revenues will be paid to you in cash, every month…

In direct proportion to your capital investment in this project.

According to my very conservative projections – again, based on hard numbers from existing projects in the same area, by the same driller…

I'm estimating that investors in these shallow wells should see short-term returns of at least 355% on money allocated to this first tier of the project.

 With most of that coming in the very short term.

Now, bear in mind that I used a 70% "hit ratio" in my calculations for these wells…

That's 14 productive wells, out of 20 drilled.

Yet as I mentioned, more than 80% of similar wells this driller has spudded in the same area have produced.

Also, I intentionally fudged the per-well expenditures to the high side.

In my official projections, I estimated that drilling would cost $715,000 per well…

However, in the real world, once all the drilling equipment is on site, these wells could run less than $600,000 apiece.

Add these two factors into the mix, and your free-and-clear takeaway from these wells could easily be more like 400%!

You'll also get the incredible tax write-offs that projects of this type entitle direct investors to receive…

I'm talking about a deduction of as much as 85% of your capital investment off your taxable income THIS YEAR.

I'll fill you in on these details in a moment – plus all the other particulars you need to get into Money Map Project #2.

First, though, I want to show you the second tier of this project.

This is the part that'll set you up for as close to "sure-thing"profits as you can get…

And will begin to pay you monthly cash returns even faster than the Kansas "fast oil" wells could!


The second tier of capital allocation for Money Map Project #2 will also go into good ol' fashioned conventional oil wells.

But with a twist.

Instead of drilling a bunch of wells from scratch…

And relying on geographical analysis and the laws of probability to give you a "hit ratio" that's favorable…

This second part of the project will tap into the cash flow from existing oil wells.

Forty of them, to be exact.

Yes, you read that right: These wells are already proven to hold profitable quantities of oil.

In fact, they've been producing for years.

And once you're invested in Money Map Project #2, your revenue from these 40 productive oil wells will begin right off the bat.

This is actually a very special opportunity…

Ordinarily, outside investors are almost never allowed to buy into "sure thing" oil wells that are already drilled and producing.

If they were, that's all anybody would ever do!

However, because of my clout in the oil business and the success of my new direct capital research and vetting program…

I've been able to give you an "in" on these proven oil wells at an extremely opportune moment for big profits.

Let me show you what I'm talking about right now…

The 40 oil wells of Money Map Project #2 are located in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma…

Along the northwestern edge of the venerable Arkoma Basin.

This fertile region has been producing oil, gas, coal, and other hydrocarbons for over 100 years.

In fact, there are 26 separate oil fields in Okfuskee County alone!

But again, there's no drilling for oil in this second tier of Money Map Project #2

All of these wells are already solid producers.

I know because I've reviewed the production data from hundreds of wells owned by the company we're working with on this part of the deal…

And I cherry-picked these 40 specific wells for Money Map Project #2.

So I can tell you firsthand that even if you were simply buying into them as they are…

You'd still end up way ahead of the game.

But here's the part that's going to have you licking your chops…

The REAL reason I handpicked these 40 wells is because right now, "flooding" is already underway for every one of them.

Flooding is a cheap and effective enhanced oil recovery technique…

In other words, it turbocharges the production of maturing oil wells.

You see, only about 12%–15% of the oil in a typical conventional well can be recovered from straight drilling.

That's because conventional oil deposits are pressurized by the gasses emitted over millions of years of organic decomposition.

This pressure is what causes oil to shoot up out of the ground upon initial drilling.

It's this "gusher effect" which allows us to get up out of the well initially – like popping the lid off a shaken bottle of soda pop.

However, once that natural gas pressure is exhausted in a maturing oil well…

It requires other means to tap into the HUGE reservoir of oil that's still underground.

Techniques like flooding.

Basically, this is when you inject water and chemicals into the deposit at key points…

Which forces a portion of the remaining "oil in place" to flow toward existing well shafts – where it can be siphoned up to the surface.

 Done right, flooding can nearly double the production of a conventional oil well.

It can also typically add five, six – even ten years to the profitable life span of a well.

That's why I was so keen to add these 40 flooded wells as a second tier of profits to Money Map Project #2

Remember, ALL of these wells are already producing oil RIGHT NOW.

That means once Money Map Project #2 is funded…

Investors should begin receiving monthly checks from the revenue of these wells in short order.

And with the continued flooding of these 40 wells…

These checks should get steadily larger, likely for several years to come.

That's the nature of flooding revenue…

It tends to increase through the first few years as more and more oil gets slowly forced over to the siphoning wells.

The best part is that flooding projects are as close to guaranteed profits as you can get in the oil and gas industry.

You KNOW the oil is there – in fact, it's physically impossible for it not to be!

It's just a question of how much more of it you'll get out of the ground via flooding. While I can't make any guarantees, usually, it's quite a lot.

OK, now for the juicy payoff.

Based on my profit projections for this second tier of Money Map Project #2

Which again, are very conservative, and pad the estimated costs considerably…

I'm projecting at least 244% returns on the capital allocated to the flooding portion of this project.

Now, I'll get into the actual dollars and cents of the capital allocations in a moment.

But for quick-and-dirty calculation purposes, here's a rough breakdown right now…

Most of the Money Map capital pool – approximately 5/6ths of it – will be allocated to the first tier of the project.

That's the leasing and drilling of the 20 Kansas "fast oil" wells. You know, the ones I'm predicting will pay back your entire investment in 60 days.

As you'll recall, my low-end profit projection for that part of the project was 355%.

So when you crunch all the numbers – 355% gains on 5/6ths of the capital pool…

Plus 244% on the remaining 1/6th of the pool…

We get an ultra-conservative short-term return estimate of 337%.

The vast majority of which should come to you in the very short-term!

Remember, these shallow "fast oil" plays explode out of the gate – typically booking 80% of their profits or more in the first two years…

Same with flooding programs, which actually tend to yield increasing gains in the first few years!

And let's face it…

We both know that this 337% profit projection could prove to be absurdly low.

Just look at what Money Map Project #1 is doing in Texas right now!

So here's the bottom line…

When you add it all up, Money Map Project #2 has the highest short-term reward potential – and the lowest overall risk…

Of any direct capital drilling project I've ever seen.

And that's really saying something, because I've seen hundreds of them.

Seriously, let me just quickly recap all the upsides of this deal:

  • Immediate revenue via 40 cherry-picked oil wells that are producing now.
  • Low-risk profits from enhanced recovery of known oil reserves.
  • A stunningly quick drilling-to-production time on new "fast oil" wells.
  • High-tech 3D seismic surveys with a hit ratio of over 80% on shallow oil.
  • A very realistic 60-day break even potential for your entire investment.
  • A front-weighted return-on-investment scenario for both project tiers.
  • Low-end estimates of 337% short-term gains – and very likely MORE.

And remember, beyond all this…

There's also the absolutely breathtaking tax breaks you'll be entitled to if you invest in Money Map Project #2.

Again, I'm talking about the ability to deduct as much as 85% of your total investment in the project from your taxable income… THIS YEAR.

Keep one other thing in mind, too.

Not to boast – but you'd never be able to come close to duplicating this phenomenal "quick hit" deal…

Without being a part of my direct capital research and vetting program.

It would be simply impossible.

There are three reasons for this…

CONNECTIONS: You can't get into deals that are normally closed to outsiders without having the right contacts in your Rolodex.

Take the 25,000 acres of Kansas "shallow oil" drilling ground, for example…

Those leases are smack in the middle of territory that's tightly controlled by a small, close-knit network of "good 'ol boy" oil and gas companies.

It doesn't matter how much money you show up waving around – nobody gets to drill on that coveted ground without an "in."

But because of my position in the oil and gas world over the last 35 years…

Which means I've known (and consulted for) these hard-boiled oilmen for decades

I was welcomed into Kansas with open arms to put this deal together.

CLOUT: You can't make a direct capital drilling deal that's truly fair and equitable to private investors without a little muscle.

Take the Oklahoma oil-well flooding plan, for instance.

To assemble that second "tier" of Money Map Project #2, I literally cherry-picked 40 wells – on 1,285 especially productive acres…

From the production partner's holdings of 180,000 acres, and hundreds of wells! 

The company gave me carte blanche for this project. They opened their books, and I plucked their very best wells, from their very best land…

And without a word of protest, they transferred every one of these wells to Money Map Project #2.

It takes a lot of clout to be able to pull something like that off.

Because of my reputation, and the success of my first direct capital investment recommendation…

I've got that clout – and can pretty much name my terms on behalf of qualified Money Map investors.

KNOWLEDGE: You can't dictate the best possible terms for investors without knowing the business inside and out.

Unless you know everything about the way oil and gas deals are structured, financed, executed, and paid out…

Even the smartest and most diligent investors could miss out on the big money – or even lose their shirts.

That's why you need an insider in your corner on these deals – to make damn well sure that all the "I's" are dotted and "T's" are crossed…

And that the terms you're signing up for are as good for YOU as they are for THEM.

With this program, I'm using my lifetime of inside oil and gas knowledge to structure low-risk, high-reward deals that are in your best interest.

That's the whole reason why I developed my "10 Cardinal Rules" for private capital investments.

In fact, let me show you those Cardinal Rules right now…

10 safeguards for your capital you'll find nowhere else.

I touched on this a moment ago, but just to be perfectly clear…

Neither myself – nor anyone at Money Map Press – will ever receive a single penny as a component of any direct capital deal I'll ever recommend.

That's NOT why I started this one-of-a-kind research and vetting program.

I started it as a way to help qualified Money Map readers cash in on the REAL oil and gas profits that have been off limits to them for 80 years

And the hallmark of this program is its stringent standards.

The heart of soul of these standards is my list of "10 Cardinal Rules" for direct capital deals.

I will never recommend a direct investment in a drilling company that does not meet every one of these criteria.

As I mentioned before, I reviewed, in painstaking detail…

No less than 23 different direct capital investment opportunities in search of second project for qualified Money Map readers. 

Only ONE of these could stand up to all of my 10 Cardinal Rules.

And that's the low-risk, fast-payback, high-short-term-profit opportunity you now know as Money Map Project #2.

Now let me show you the hoops these drilling and production partners had to go through to become part of Money Map Project #2

CARDINAL RULE #1: Successful production track record.

I'm continually surprised by how often direct investors overlook a company's real-world track record (or lack thereof). That's why any company I recommend for direct investment must have a verifiable history of bringing productive, profitable projects online. This automatically rules out start-ups, first-time drillers, or wildcatters looking to turn a quick buck.

CARDINAL RULE #2: Transparent, accessible operations.

I have to be able to scrutinize the books and records on current and prior drilling programs before I can recommend any company for a direct investment project. Also, I need to be able to talk to current and past investors in the company's projects. If ALL of this information isn't quickly and willingly made accessible to me (or to their investors, for that matter), the company is automatically rejected.

CARDINAL RULE #3: Producing on proven ground.

To be considered for my endorsement, projects must be entirely within (or adjacent to) existing acreage that's producing. We have to know the oil and gas is there. If a company's proposed investment blocks are not in proven territory for drilling or secondary recovery, I automatically reject them. This vastly reduces investor risk because the geology is known, and production statistics for the area already exist.

CARDINAL RULE #4: Rapid "break even" potential.

Drilling the wells quickly, on known property, is part of this equation. But another, often overlooked part is infrastructure. For a project to pay investors back quickly, pipelines, rail access, field services, etc. must be in place, and readily accessible. This aspect of the deal is crucial, because it helps to ensure that the production we're anticipating can come online (and get to market) as quickly as possible.

CARDINAL RULE #5: Investors get paid proportionately.

"Proportional payout" is a condition most oil companies won't accept, but I insist upon before recommending any direct investment deal to you. That means the company (and its principals) must take its returns at the same ratio, relative to investment size, as investors. In other words, all things being equal, they can't take two dollars in profit for every dollar they pay you.

CARDINAL RULE #6: Investors get paid concurrently.

I will never present any direct investment deal to you without this stipulation: The drilling company – or any of its principals – will not receive any wellhead profits unless investors are ALSO receiving their entitled portions of the project's revenue. If a company will not agree to this condition (and most of them don't), they are automatically rejected.

CARDINAL RULE #7: Cost-effective field practices.

Just because a company is using investors' capital instead of their own doesn't give them the right to be careless with it. That's why I demand that any drilling company I recommend for a direct investment deal must adhere to the most state-of-the-art, cost-effective field practices currently in use. For me to consider them, in fact, they must be able to show a history of costs that are below industry averages.

CARDINAL RULE #8: Cost savings reimbursement.

Taking the previous rule one step farther, I also stipulate that any savings below estimated costs that result from "best practices" in the field must be passed back upstream to the investor. And as usual, I insist that investors realize the financial benefits of these savings in equal proportion – and concurrently – to the drilling company.

CARDINAL RULE #9: Multiple profit streams.

I believe that if a company makes money on the drilling land in other ways – via farming, minerals, rights-of-way, etc. – investors are entitled to an even cut of it. Most drilling companies expand their profit streams beyond simple petroleum products, but few of them share the revenues with investors. Until I make them do it.

CARDINAL RULE #10: Pass-through tax benefits.

One way in which seasoned oilmen pocket a substantial amount of money on private capital deals is by pocketing all the tax write-off revenues instead of passing them on to investors. But I stipulate that a company must pass along to its investors all applicable tax benefits and incentives – and there are quite a few of them. I will not consider recommending a firm if they don't do this (or don't do it fully).

Okay, now you know everything I put a company through before I'll recommend them for a direct capital investment deal.

Nowhere else in the oil and gas industry will get these protections for your money.

They're ONLY available to accredited Money Map investors through my research and vetting program (I'll elaborate on this in a moment)…

And the sole purpose of these 10 Cardinal Rules is to make sure that every deal I recommend for you is as low-risk and high-reward as possible.

So without further ado, let's move on to the most important part

The specific investment parameters for Money Map Project #2.

Remember, too – there's a "catch" to this deal…

One that'll leave you on the sidelines if you don't move with a purpose right now.

Here's all the nitty-gritty. And the catch.

You already know about the two parts of this deal, and what they entail.

There's the first tier, which is the 20 vertical "fast oil" wells in Kansas that can go from spudding to full production in virtually no time flat

And could realistically pay you back your entire investment in Money Map Project #2 in 60 days – while handing you explosive gains right out of the gate.

Then there's the second tier, which is the 40 already producing oil wells that are ready for enhanced secondary oil recovery (flooding)…

And that will cut you in on an immediate stream of production revenue, which is virtually guaranteed to increase dramatically over the next 2–5 years.  

You've also seen my numbers projecting short-term returns of AT LEAST 337% from both of these "tiers" combined.

And very likely a lot more, like what we're seeing at Money Map Project #1.

But what you don't yet know are the specifics of this deal – and the catch that makes it super-urgent…

So let's cover all that right now, with a simple Q&A format:

How much does it cost to buy into Money Map Project #2?

Ordinarily, it would cost you a bundle to get in on direct capital deals in the oil and gas arena. I'm talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, because of my clout in the industry – and the growing success of my direct capital research program for qualified Money Map readers…

I've been able to stipulate a very low minimum buy-in for this project: just $12,500.

For that, you receive one "unit" of Money Map Project #2.

Now, you can buy as many units as you want – four units for $50,000, ten units for $125,000, etc…

Provided the "cap" on the pool of capital for the project has not yet been reached (that's part of the catch, which I'll show you in a moment). 

Your investment, however large or small…

Entitles you to a proportional split of ALL revenues, cost savings, and tax benefits from both tiers of the project – as dictated by my "10 Cardinal Rules."

At the almost absurdly conservative profit projections I've made for this project…

You could expect a $25,000 investment to turn into AT LEAST $109,250 – with the vast majority of your profits coming in the very short term.

A $125,000 investment would realistically morph into a minimum of $546,250.

A $250,000 buy-in would turn into $1,092,500 – and likely a lot more.

Again, this revenue would be paid to you in cash, every month…

For as long as the wells of Money Map Project #2 continue to bear marketable quantities of oil and gas.

Although I've structured this "quick hit" project specifically for an ultra-fast break-even – and aggressive short-term gains…

The wells of this project (especially the Oklahoma "flood" wells) could keep paying you monthly cash for 10–20 years or more.

Especially if crude oil prices continue to rise.

What are the restrictions? How do I know if I qualify to invest?

First off, you must be a citizen of the United States or Canada to invest in Money Map Project #2

Or any project I'll recommend as part of this program, for that matter.

Also, you must qualify as an "accredited investor" under the SEC definition – which reads in part:

  1. a natural person who has individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person's spouse, that exceeds $1 million at the time of the purchase, excluding the value of the primary residence of such person;
  2. a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year;

Keep in mind that it is incumbent on the companies receiving direct capital investments to verify that investors are accredited.

So you WILL need to be able to document — with tax returns, paystubs, bank and asset statements, or whatever…

That you do, indeed, meet the "accredited investor" criteria in order to invest in Money Map Project #2.

And as I mentioned, that goes for any of my future direct capital deals, as well.

Now this doesn't mean that accredited investors are the only ones who can sign up for my research on these projects…

Anyone in the Money Map fold can get into my program – accredited or not – if they're willing to pay to sign up, accredited or not.

Beyond this, I'll simply say that direct capital isn't like buying stocks, bonds, options, or anything else you're used to investing in.

Although I've done everything I can to reduce or eliminate your risks – and to ensure and enhance your profits on these deals…

All investments carry their own unique risk/reward profiles.

Even as painstakingly vetted as all of these Money Map Projects are…

There's literally no such thing as 100% guaranteed returns – anywhere in the investment world.

So my best counsel is to simply make sure that you're comfortable with what I've laid out for you before you pull the trigger.

You mentioned big tax write-offs. What's the deal on those?

The golden secret of direct investment in oil and gas projects – at least the way I'm going to show you how to do it…

Are the almost unbelievable tax write-offs and advantages.

The fact is, even if a project you invest in does nothing more than break even in terms of your original investment…

You could still be thousands – maybe even hundreds of thousands – of dollars richer from the money you'll save in taxes.

It's a completely different tax scenario than any other kind of investing you can do.

In fact, there are FIVE ways you could save huge money through direct investment in my recommended oil and gas projects!

And once you sign up for my research program, I'm going to walk you through every one of them.

But let me quickly show you how just ONE of these – the "intangible drilling costs" deduction…

Could put tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

That's because up to 85% of the capital it takes to drill a typical well is spent on things like chemicals, lubes – and labor, of course.

Intangible things, as opposed to hardware, like drill bits, generators, derricks, etc.

And because you're directly invested in the project – and not simply holding shares of the drilling company…

All these "intangible" expenses are tax-deductible for you.

The best part is that you DON'T have to depreciate this deduction over seven years…

You can just skim this money right off the top of your taxable income, in the same calendar year it's expended.

So let's say that you bought four units of Money Map Project #2 for a total investment of $50,000.

Let's also say that a very realistic 75% of the capital spent on the project in the first six months goes toward these "intangible" costs…

That's a $37,500 deduction from your 2014 taxable income!

A seven-unit buy-in of $87,500 would slash your taxable income by $65,625.

And a ten-unit investment of $125,000 would reduce your tax liability by an unreal $93,750.

Now think about this…

If your average annual income the last two years as an individual is, say, $275,000…

A $93,750 reduction in your taxable income would save you $30,277.50!

It would also reduce your top marginal tax bracket from 33% to 28%.

Remember, this is just one of the FIVE key tax advantages you'll be entitled to as a direct investor in Money Map Project #2.

Of course, every scenario is unique, so I'd always advise you to consult a tax professional before making any big investment decisions…

But the potential tax benefits alone are enough to make investing in Money Map Project #2 a total no-brainer.

The potential "quick hit" gains of 337% or more just sweeten the deal even more!

Okay, I want to buy in (or at least learn more). Now what?

If you elect to sign up for my direct capital research program, which is the only way you can get in on Money Map Project #2, or any of my future deals…

You'll be directed through a simple information and sign-up process. I'll link you to that a few moments from now.

Before that happens, though, I want to walk you through what's going to occur once you sign up for this program.

First off, I want to be very clear about one thing…

Signing up for my direct capital program DOES NOT lock you into investing in Money Map Project #2 – or anything else, for that matter.

It simply provides you with all the information, details, and support you'll need to make that decision…

And to carry it through to actual investment, should you choose to.

Once you're enrolled in my program, the first thing you'll get is my special "investment dossier" on Money Map Project #2.

The followed items are included in that:

  1. Investor's Summary for Money Map Project #2: This is where you'll get all the details behind this "quick hit" deal I've set up. You'll get the names and profiles of the companies involved (there are more than one)…

    Plus, the specs on the project's expenses and revenues, the exact numbers I used to compute your "break even" date and short-term profit potential, details on proposed revenue streams for the project beyond drilling and flooding, and lots more.

    You'll also get complete, detailed instructions on exactly how to invest in Money Map Project #2.
  2. Wellhead Tax Angles and Advantages Guidebook: I wrote this guide myself, and it's ONLY available to Money Map readers who sign up for my direct capital program…

    In it, you'll discover the details on the five incredible tax advantages inherent to direct investing in oil and gas I mentioned earlier. Most investors (and accountants, for that matter) are totally clueless about these.

    But with this new guide in hand, you'll have all the information and all the lucrative deductions and tax benefits you can possibly claim.

Now, this special "investment dossier" of mine is just the beginning

The next step will be to receive the specifics on this deal directly from the companies involved in Money Map Project #2 (there are actually three of them).

Be prepared – because this will be a lot of information.

In fact, it'll be several hundred pages worth, every bit of which they're legally required to provide you.

Among these pages, you'll find precise maps of the Kansas drilling areas, marking the exact locations of the project's 20 "fast oil" wells…

And for the 40 wells I've cherry-picked for the Oklahoma flooding program.

You'll also get detailed summaries of relevant past and current drilling projects, legal and financial disclosures, the latest production estimates, and lots more…

Now, don't be thrown by all this information.

Not only am I going help you process it all with my Investors' Summary and in my project updates (I'll tell you more about these in a second)…

But you'll also get special telephone hotline support from an investor assistance team dedicated exclusively to Money Map Project #2.

Run by the company I've chosen to "coordinate" this deal, you can call this number at any point in the process – with any question about the project…

And the person on the other end of that dedicated hotline will know the answer.

Now, after you've received and reviewed these materials – including my special "investment dossier" on Money Map Project #2

The next move will be up to you.

At that point, you can choose to invest in the project – or not. It's entirely up to you.

But as I've mentioned several times here, time is of the essence on this opportunity…

In fact, that's the "catch."

This "quick hit" deal sounds great, but what's the catch?

The "catch" to this deal, quite simply, is that there's not a lot of time to get in on it.

Unlike Money Map Project #1, which you could've actually bought into as late as mid-May of this year…

There's a MUCH tighter time frame on Money Map Project #2.

There are three reasons why this is the case…

  1. A low $33 million capital target: In comparison to the $45 million pool that was raised for Money Map Project #1, which was actually a very competitive price for 25 deep, horizontal wells that could produce for 30 years…

    "Quick Hit" Money Map Project #2 is even more streamlined.

    It allocates $27.1 million to all aspects of the 20 Kansas "fast oil" wells: Land leasing, 3D seismic, drilling, completion, the works. And it requires only $5 million for the "flooding" of the 40 cherry-picked oil wells in Oklahoma.

    That's a total of $33 million. At $12,500 apiece, that's just 2,640 units.

    To put this in perspective for you, that many units of Money Map Project #1 were sold before that first "gusher" well had even been spudded!

    But now that my program has proven itself a success, investors aren't going to wait to get in. Especially with the second reason factored into the mix…
  2. An ultra-fast "call" date: There's a reason why Money Map Project #1 was open to investors for so long. It's because a drilling project isn't officially closed to new investment capital until its first well had been "called."

    That means the well's drilling stage has been completed, and officially recorded. Now, if you were following the progress of Money Map Project #1 in my free e-letter, Oil & Energy Investor

    You'd know that the first well wasn't "spudded" (started) until March, and that in early May, a decision was made to extend the depth of the well. These factors delayed the "calling" of that first well for an unnaturally long time.

    But that's not going to happen with these simple, cheap, vertical shallow oil wells. Once the capital target for this project has been hit, these wells are going to get spudded, drilled, and called in virtually no time!

    After that, the door will be officially closed, and the project's biggest profits will start rolling in.

    Which leads us to the final reason why you've got to hustle if you want in on Money Map Project #2
  3. The "sure thing" factor: The investors who follow me aren't stupid. They totally get it about Money Map Project #2

    It's truly a "quick hit" project set up to produce immediate revenue, a lightning-fast payback scenario, a strong 337% short-term profit potential, exceptional tax advantages, and extremely low risk.

    In fact, it's as close to a guaranteed moneymaker as any direct capital oil and gas play that has ever existed.

    And with Money Map Project #1 already gushing oil from its very first well, the viability of my new direct capital program is now proven in spades.

    So for all of the reasons I've just outlined, I'm predicting a very aggressive investment in this project from qualified Money Map readers…

    Because take it from me: Money Map Project #2 is as close to a "sure thing" as you will ever see in the oil and gas world.

Looking at these reasons, it's easy to see why you must move quickly on this deal.

Beyond these things, though – there's another factor that makes it even more critical that you act fast

Because existing members of my direct capital research and vetting program are going to be scooping up units for themselves!

You see, once you're part of my program, you're entitled to the details on EVERY direct capital deal I recommend during your term as a member.

That means all the accredited investors who joined this program when I launched it back in December…

Will automatically get the specifics on Money Map Project #2 and how buy into it.

And with the overwhelming early success of Money Map Project #1

You and I both know that a lot of these investors are going to pounce on multiple units of this new "quick hit" project, too.

Remember, there are only 2,640 units of Money Map Project #2 to go around…

And at a VERY affordable $12,500 apiece.

So quite literally, it's going to be a race to claim these units.

In fact, based on how fast the capital for Money Map Project #1 came pouring in…

I can't guarantee there will be space in this new deal for everyone who signs up.

Nor can I promise there will be room for every subscriber who wants to get in on future direct capital deals I recommend.

But I can guarantee you this much…

You WON'T get in on ANY of it if you don't act now.

(clicking this link does not obligate you in any way)

That's yet another reason why you simply cannot hesitate on this opportunity…

You wait, you miss out. It's that simple.

With that in mind, it's time to wrap this up and show you how to get in on both my direct capital research program AND this incredible "quick hit" project.

Here's how to do that right now…

The choice is yours — but the time is NOW.

At the bottom of this page, there's a button that'll take you to all the specific information you'll need in order to make the decision to sign up.  

Should you choose to enroll in this program, the process is simple, quick, and straightforward.

Mind you, clicking the link does NOT lock you into anything at all.

It simply gives you all the specific details on signing up to receive my research…

Now, should you choose to sign up for my program, you'll receive everything I outlined earlier within 48 hours…

  • My comprehensive Investors' Summary for Money Map Project #2.
  • My invaluable new guidebook, Wellhead Tax Angles and Advantages.
  • Your dedicated investor support hotline number for Money Map Project #2.

Beyond these items, you'll also begin receiving the following things as part of your membership in my direct capital investment research program:

Quarterly Bulletins: In these, you'll get (via both email and postal mail) my complete overview and progress report on companies and projects I'm vetting for potential direct capital investment.

I'll let you know how they're faring vis-à-vis my 10 Cardinal Rules, where we are in the negotiations on specific deal points, plus my "1 to 10" estimate of the chances of ending up with an investable recommendation.

Also included in these bulletins will be any news and perspectives relevant to the particular deals at hand. You'll also get my take on the state of direct oil and gas investing, the hydrocarbons market at large, and more.

Periodic Dispatches: These will hit your email inbox regularly, whenever there's an update on a previous direct capital investing recommendation, or any other urgent news to report.

In these, you'll get things like exciting production (or payout) news for projects I've recommended investing in, new discoveries in or near blocks involved in these projects, production forecast revisions, and other important items.

Additional "Buy-in" Alerts: As I mentioned a moment ago, for as long as you're a member of my direct capital program, you're entitled to ALL the details on ANY direct investment deal I recommend.

You'll receive my comprehensive analysis of the opportunity at hand, details on how the company and project meets my "10 Cardinal Rules," plus all other information pertinent to that individual deal…

Like everything you need to know to invest in these deals promptly

Now, while you're deciding whether to click the link below (there's no obligation) and take the next step toward signing up for this program…

And get in on the incredibly low-risk "quick hit" deal I've been telling you about…

I want you to keep something in mind.

It takes a HUGE amount of time to vet these deals – to make sure that my "10 Cardinal Rules" are met by the firms involved…

And to make sure that your investment in the deals I recommend can be as low-risk, fast-payback, and high-reward as it can possibly be.

In fact, with two of these direct capital deals under my belt now…

I'm averaging around 300 man-hours per deal to cover these bases on your behalf.

At a typical 40-hour-a-week pace, that's nearly two solid months' worth of work on each deal I've recommended under this program.

So I've done my due diligence here – and then some.

Now it's up to you.

I've done everything I can to make it an easy decision for you to join the elite ranks of those who make the REAL money on oil and gas…

Connected, in-the-know direct capital investors.

I've structured Money Map Project #2 as favorably for you as possible…

And vetted it as stringently as any deal I've ever evaluated in my life.

I've very conservatively calculated the exceptional payback and profit potential…

An estimated 60 days for return of investment – and at least 337% in short-term gains (and likely much more).

And I've held the minimum cost of investing in the project down to the unheard-of low price of just $12,500 per unit.

Again, not to brag…

But no one else in the oil and gas world could do these things for you – on this deal, or any other.

The best part of all, though, is that it's only going to get better from here on out.

Because of the resounding early success of Money Map Project #1 – and soon, the smashing success of Money Map Project #2

The very best oil and gas projects in the world are being offered up for my consideration on a silver platter!

I'm not exaggerating – the entire industry is buzzing about this program…

All the best drillers and producers are suddenly clamoring for my attention.

And they literally HAVE TO CHERRY-PICK THEIR BEST PROJECTS for me to even consider recommending them to Money Map readers.

This dynamic is an investing advantage that's literally priceless.

And you can't get it anywhere else in the investing world…

Except right here, right now.

All you need to do is click on the button below to get started.

But as I've been saying all along, you must do it immediately

Or you risk missing out on the lowest-risk, "quick hit" oil and gas profits of your life.

Sincerely Yours,

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Kent Moors, Ph.D.
July 2014

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