The Wearable Tech Revolution

Dear Reader,

As you may know, nine months ago I started publishing a groundbreaking new research service focused on direct oil and gas investments.

My goal with this service is to show qualified Money Map investors how the BIG money is made – the same way the insiders and fat cats have been doing it for 80 years…

Of course, there are perks to being a major player in the oil and gas world.

One of them is having the clout to pull off what I'm recommending to you today…

A structural "clone" of Money Map Project #2 – my red-hot (and now completely sold out) new capital oil investment recommendation, primarily focused in Kansas.

According to my projections, the "clone" of this project I've just finished vetting ALSO offers you a chance at triple-digit returns of as much as 464%.

Plus, the opportunity for an impressively fast payback of your investment.

Where this "clone" differs, though, is in its risk profile.

As with any investment, there's still a certain amount of risk involved…

However – as unbelievable as it may be – this new project is even less speculative than either of my previous recommendations.

It also has the potential to put MUCH BIGGER monthly oil revenues in your pocket

With that flow of monthly checks starting almost immediately.

I'll cut to the chase for you: Using my most up-to-the-minute estimates…

This new project, at least initially, could begin putting up to $2,689 in your pocket every month, depending on your level of investment.

That's enough to cover the monthly mortgage payment on a $500,000 vacation home!

Even better, it would pay you back all of your invested capital in 18 months

And after this short "break even" window, it would be all gravy – month after month of it.

In fact, by my estimates, you could realistically see monthly cash payments from this project for up to 10 YEARS… or more.

Now, bear in mind that the numbers I've just shown you are only projections.

No one (not even me) can predict with 100% accuracy what will happen on site at an oil and gas project until production begins in earnest.

You could get "dead holes" or gushers. Or anything in between.

But the "clone" deal you'll have a chance to get in on today is every bit as hot as Money Map Project #2 was.

In fact, it's better for investors in several key ways.

Once again, looking at the numbers, I see this deal as being even less risky than my last recommendation…

With even higher short-term profit potential.

That's because this project has a MUCH larger ratio of already-producing wells – which could mean a whole lot more monthly cash in your pocket, starting almost immediately.

However, just like before…

You've got to move fast if you want in on this deal.

Introducing my latest instant oil profit opportunity from America's heartland

I call it Money Map Project #2(A).

As usual, ONLY accredited investors who are subscribers to my direct capital research service can get in on this deal.

Like Money Map Project #2, this new deal also has a "two-tiered" structure, similar quick payback and overall profit potential – plus an oil-only focus in the same geography.

Those are the reasons why I call Project 2(A) a "clone" of Money Map Project #2

However, as I touched on before, there are several important differences in the way this new deal is set up.

They are:

  1. Structural changes to hedge as much risk as possible – like an 80% focus on monthly revenue from proven, already-producing oil wells.
  2. A bigger target capital pool to help ensure that as many qualified Money Map investors as possible have a fighting chance to get in.
  3. A four-unit buy-in cap to keep any Money Map readers from getting shut out of the deal by the deep-pocketed ones.

Now, right off the bat, I have to warn you about something.

Even though measures have been taken with this deal to level the field between typical investors and those with extra-deep pockets…

That does NOT mean you've got a lot of time to delay here.

But before I give you the specifics on Money Map Project 2(A)

I want to say a few words about risk vs. rewards.

As I've said since the beginning, every deal I'll ever recommend will have the potential to book you total returns that blow away just about any other kind of investing you can do.

Stocks, bonds, funds, options, futures, real estate, commodities, tech, you name it…

Nothing you can invest in today carries a greater likelihood of making you a fortune than my personally vetted oil and gas recommendations.

Especially when you factor in those unreal tax advantages (more on these shortly).

The "clone" deal I'm recommending for you today is par for this course.

Just like Money Map Project #2, it's an oil-only opportunity that could easily pay you back every penny of your invested capitalin a very short period of time.

However, with Project #2(A)'s heavy focus on tapping you into existing production revenue, month after month…

It's difficult to say just how much money you could make over the long haul.

In the interest of being conservative with my estimates, I'm doing all my calculations based on a 10-year life span for the wells of Money Map Project #2(A)

But plenty of wells in this territory could remain profitable for as much as 15 years.

And based on my data-in-hand breakdown of this project, relative to existing production numbers from the field…

I'm predicting that once up and running, Money Map Project #2(A) is going to start throwing off approximately $2.8 million in revenue per month.

Based on the number of investable units in this project…

That translates into an initial cash flow of up to $2,689 in your pocket every single month, depending on your level of investment in the project.

Of course, it could be less. Remember, there are no guarantees here.

But it could also easily be more. A lot more.

Even better, ALL the wells involved in Money Map Project #2(A) are the kind that typically pay out the bulk of their profits right off the bat

That means most of the money you could make on this deal is likely to come early – like in the first three years.

That's why my estimated "break even" point on this deal is a nice, fast 18 months once the revenue checks begin rolling.

After that point, it'd be pure profit, right in your pocket. Month after month, year after year.

As a 38-year veteran of these kinds of oil drilling and production projects, I'm very confident in my projections for this opportunity.

Once again, though – profit projections for investments of ANY kind are nothing more than estimates.

However, my estimates (unlike a lot of so-called "oil experts" in the media) are based on hard numbers

In other words, the objective analysis of real-world data. Things like:

  • Current and projected oil and gas commodity prices.
  • Current production, transportation, and "downstream" costs.
  • Production data from similar petroleum projects in the same region.
  • Past performance and ROI of the actual companies involved in my projects.

Now as you know, some of these factors can fluctuate substantially, and without warning.

This means that like most any investment that can actually make you rich

There IS significant risk involved in most direct capital ventures.

As I've said many times before, you never really know what you've got with any oil or gas project until you start drilling and producing.

This was proven in dramatic fashion by Money Map Project #1 in Texas, which started gushing thousands of barrels of oil from its very first well!

Of course, the past performance of one oil well can't be used to predict the future yields of other wells – no matter how similar, but take a look at the facts…

After striking oil at 6,300 feet in the "Buda Lime" rock layer, oil began pouring out of this well at a rate of up to 250 barrels per hour.

In no time flat, this oil formed a 63,000-gallon lake in the overflow pit adjacent to the well!


Now it's true, this particular well is an exceptional performer. They're not all going to be gushers like this…

However, as I've also said repeatedly since the day I launched this new investment research service back in December…

Everything about it is designed to minimize risks and maximize returns for investors.

And as I'm about to show you, in detail…

There are several factors built into Money Map Project 2(A) that hedge your bets better than any other direct capital oil deal I've ever seen.

Even better, in some ways, than Money Map Project #2!

In fact, let me get started proving that to you with facts and numbers right now.

Like with Money Map Project #2, this project has TWO distinctly different ways to make you money, starting virtually the instant you invest

This "two-tiered" structure is the key to both Money Map Project #2(A)'s lowest-possible risk profile – and its high monthly cash flow.

Here's how these tiers combine for yet another exceptional oil profit opportunity, based on my analysis of the field data…

MONEY MAP PROJECT #2(A), TIER ONE: Potential 398% gains – in quick monthly cash from 40 “young” oil wells.

As I mentioned, there are two separate “tiers” to Money Map Project #2(A)

And both of them are focused in the red-hot oil territory of West-Central and Northwest Kansas.

Since the early 1890s, hundreds of millions of barrels of oil have been produced from various layers of rock in this region.

This steady long-time production is an important fact to keep in mind…

Since “tier one” of Money Map Project #2(A) cuts you in on the cash flow from 40 already-producing oil wells in this area!

They’re located in 12 counties within what’s called the “Central Kansas Uplift” and the “Hugoton Embayment” of the famous Anadarko Basin.

Now, whether you realize it or not, this is a very rare opportunity.

The ability to buy into wells that are already producing profitable quantities of oil is as close to “money in the bank” as can be found in the oil and gas world.

And it’s usually something only the most connected insiders ever get to do.

However, Money Map Project #2(A) is set up to get you into these already proven, producing oil wells. That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m recommending it.

Now here’s the really exciting part…

This new Project 2(A) dedicates 80% of investor capital toward buying into these already productive oil wells.

What’s that mean to your investment scenario here?

It means that once you've secured your units in Money Map Project #2(A)

Your cash flow from these 40 already-profitable oil wells will begin almost immediately.

The second you buy in, you’ll be added to the monthly payout disbursement list for these wells, in direct proportion to the size of your investment.

I’ve already shown you how – by my best calculations – this project could initially put up to $2,689 in your pocket every single month

Now again, your payout could be less depending on unforeseen factors that could affect the yield of these wells.

But it could also potentially be much more.

How much more, you’re wondering?

Well, let me just put that into some perspective for you…

Remember the “gusher” from the very first well of Money Map Project #1, in Texas?

Well, the first round of monthly revenue checks from that strike were just sent out to investors last month – in August…

And those checks totaled up to more than $1 million.

But again, that revenue is from just ONE out of 25 wells proposed for that project…

And it represents just ONE month’s worth of the profits from that single well!

Now here’s the mind-boggling part: That one payment alone reimbursed investors for more than 21% of their capital used to drill that well.

That means it would only take five months for investors to break even on the portion of their investment capital dedicated to this one well.

Now, of course, consistent production can’t be guaranteed in any well.

In fact, it can fluctuate significantly, even from day to day.

But using the early results from Money Map Project #1 as an example, it isn’t hard to imagine how fast investors CAN be paid back on these projects when things go well…

And the unreal sums of money they could rake in over time, month after month.

Now as I said before, that first Texas “gusher” well was far from typical. It could just as easily have turned out to be a dead hole or just an average-producing well.

But my point is the same either way…

My very first recommendation under this direct capital research service has already proven that your monthly income from productive oil wells can be absolutely spectacular.

As I’ve just shown you, Money Map Project #2(A) cuts you directly into the cash flow from 40 of these already-producing oil wells.

These are all relatively “young” wells, too – between three months and three years old.

And we already know there are marketable quantities of crude in ALL of these wells…

Because it’s pumping out of the ground by the thousands of barrels right now!

In fact, these 40 wells were cherry-picked for Money Map Project #2(A) specifically because of their comparatively strong production numbers.

I’ve analyzed the data not just from these 40 wells – but from hundreds of similar wells in the same geographical area.

After crunching all this data, then subtracting a substantial factor for unknown variables…

I’m estimating that investors could easily see AT LEAST 398% gains on their capital allocated to this first tier of the project over the life span of these wells.

Again, the vast majority of these returns should come in the first three years.

This is actually a very aggressive payback and profit scenario – given that investors will be getting a cut of already-producing wells.

This fact will become even more evident to you in a moment, as I lay out the second “tier” of this project.

Keep one more thing in mind, too…

ALL of these 40 wells are still in their primary production phase. That means they’re still producing oil under natural pressure.

But here’s the thing: Typically, only about 15% of the oil in a conventional well can be recovered through naturally occurring pressure.

As a well matures, that natural pressure is exhausted…

And other means are required to tap into the bulk of the oil, which is still underground.

There are a variety of these “secondary recovery” methods – most of which include injecting the deposit at key points with water, gasses, chemicals, etc.

This forces a portion of the remaining "oil in place" to flow toward existing well shafts.

When executed properly, secondary recovery techniques can nearly double the production of a conventional oil well.

It can also add five, six – even 10 years or more to the profitable life span of a well.

My point is this: Unlike Money Map Project #2 – in which the existing wells were already in the process of secondary recovery…

The 40 cherry-picked wells of Money Map Project 2(A) may yet have more than a decade’s worth of both primary AND secondary production ahead of them!

That’s what makes predicting their long-term profitability challenging.

But it does most assuredly mean ALL of the following:

  • Potentially bigger short-term profits from primary production of “young” wells.
  • A much longer potential monthly revenue stream – maybe up to 10 years longer.
  • A huge potential hike in future profits if secondary recovery techniques are used.

As you can see, this “first tier” of Money Map Project #2(A) offers the opportunity for a win-win-win for any investor lucky enough to be able to get into this hot new deal.

And let me remind you of the thing that sweetens the deal most of all…

80% of your investment in Money Map Project #2(A) will go toward these 40 cherry-picked, already-producing wells.

These two aspects – the potential for future secondary recovery and the more aggressive allocation of capital into already productive wells… 

Are the two factors I mentioned earlier that make Money Map Project #2(A) less risky than any other direct capital oil investment I’ve ever seen.

But let me just be crystal clear about something, before you get the wrong idea.

Even though the structure of this opportunity is extremely favorable to the investor – and lower-risk than the others I’ve vetted…

There is still some risk involved.

But as I’ve said all along here, those risks come in exchange for some unbelievable upside potential.

And just because the first tier of this project offers incredibly high-return potential

Doesn’t mean the second tier of Money Map Project #2(A) is a shot-in-the-dark.

Because as you’re about to see, it’s also structured unbelievably well for investors, given what it actually entails.

Let me show you the reasons why right now…

MONEY MAP PROJECT #2(A), TIER TWO: 736% return potential from 30 new “fast oil” wells.

For a pure drilling program, this second part of Money Map Project #2(A) is ALSO one of the best propositions I’ve ever seen in the oil business…

Despite potentially yielding very aggressive short-term gains.

One of the reasons is because of something we already mentioned: The project’s territory.

Kansas is red hot for oil drilling right now – especially in the West-Central and Northwestern zones.

In fact, crude production in the Jayhawk State jumped in calendar year 2013, to 46.8 million barrels…

And in July of 2014 alone, there were no less than 10 new oil fields registered in the state.

Eight of these have been in the counties of West-Central and Northwest Kansas.

Now, every one of the 30 proposed new oil wells of Project 2(A) will be drilled on – or immediately adjacent to – ground that’s already producing oil

It’s fact, it’s the same real estate in which the 40 existing, productive oil wells of “tier one” of this project are located.

That’s one reason I can recommend this with such a high degree of confidence – we already know oil is there. 

Another reason is because the oil reserves in this drilling area are classified as “Proven Undeveloped.”

Not “Unproven” or “Probable” or “Possible,” like a lot of the shadier direct capital deals that are popping up nowadays.

In the world of oil exploration, “Proven Undeveloped” (PUD) is a very high standard for drilling ground. You can look it up…

But as exciting as all the geography is here, it’s not even the biggest reason why the drilling component of Money Map Project #2(A) is so exceptionally promising.

The main factor is this driller’s expertise with 3D seismic imaging.

Subterranean seismic imaging uses various frequencies of sound to penetrate and analyze rock layers far below the Earth’s surface.

Done right – and using the very latest and most advanced software-based analytics…

3D seismic imaging enables drillers to pinpoint potential oil and gas deposits with a much greater degree of accuracy than other methods.

And the particular driller for this part of Money Map Project #2(A) is a virtuoso of this technology…

I know, because I’ve scrutinized the drilling data from hundreds of wells they’ve drilled over the last few years.

As those records prove, the driller’s got a “completion rate” of better than 80% for tapping marketable oil deposits in the sub-5,000-foot range…

And that’s exactly the strata being targeted with the 30 new oil wells of this project.

The target sediment layers lie between 4,000 and 5,000 feet deep – nice and shallow.

Shallow oil means two things: A higher degree of accuracy at pinpointing exactly where (and how big) the deposits are with 3D imaging…

And faster, easier access to those deposits with conventional vertical oil wells.

Now, you may remember some of what I’m about to say from my prior bulletin on Money Map Project #2 – which also featured a series of “fast oil” wells…

But it bears repeating for this “clone” deal I’m recommending today.

Unlike “fracked” wells – which can take six months or more to bring online, and which rely on scarce, expensive, and sophisticated drilling rigs…

These shallow, vertical oil wells can be drilled and producing in a matter of days, with common, ordinary equipment.

That’s why I call them “fast oil” wells…

Because they’re cheap, simple, pinpoint accurate – and they can be very profitable in the short term.

Once again, let me put this into some perspective for you…

Deep, complex, horizontal "fracked" wells can cost upwards of $4 million apiece, or more.

Conversely, the simple, low-impact vertical wells that'll be drilled as part of Money Map Project #2(A) are only projected to cost about $214,000 a piece to drill!

That’s less than 5% as much as some of the more expensive “fracked” wells cost!

And as I just mentioned, these "fast oil" wells can be spudded, drilled, and producing marketable amounts of oil in an extremely short amount of time.

Now I have to be clear about one thing here…

Even though these “fast oil” wells can be up and running quickly, it still takes some time for the oil to be sold and the revenues to be delivered to investors.

That part will take more than a few days. Like anything in the oil industry, there’s a process involved in bringing crude from wellhead to market.

But even with that factor into the mix, it doesn’t take a genius to see that when you're drilling oil wells fast and cheap…

And with an 80% likelihood of hitting marketable oil deposits…

You can realize a much higher profit margin than you can with other projects.

Not to mention getting the oil online and putting money in your pocket months faster.

But this isn’t even the most alluring part of “fast oil” wells, from a payback standpoint.

What’s really attractive about these wells is that once drilling commences…

They can often pay back every penny of investment capital in a very short period of time.

After that “break even” point, it's pure gravy for investors.

How is that possible?

Once again, it’s because the conventional wells in this area tend to yield their biggest profits almost immediately.

Typically, as much as 80% of "fast oil" well production occurs within the first three years.

Again, you don’t have to be a genius to see that this is the best possible scenario for fast payback of your capital.

In fact, based on data from similar wells, drilled on geologically similar acreage, by the same driller in charge of Money Map Project #2(A)

I’m projecting that ALL of the capital allocated to this “tier” of the project will be back in investors’ pockets in just over six months, once sales revenues start rolling in.

And after that “break even” point…

Every dime these “fast oil” wells generate would become pure profit in your pocket.

Month after month, year after year, for up to 10-15 years.

How much could you rake in, all told?

Well, as usual, I’ve used conservative numbers for my profit projections here.

For instance, even though the hard data verifies a “hit ratio” of approximately 80% on similar wells this driller has spudded in the same area…

I only used a 70% success factor for my profit projections here.

And I substantially padded the estimated per-well expenditures.

I also used only a 10-year “life span” average for my numbers – instead of 12-15 years, which would have been totally realistic for the area.

But even after all these measures to keep my projections reasonable…

I'm still estimating that investors will see returns of at least 736% on the 1/5th capital split allocated to this second “tier.”

Anyone would agree – that’s a stunning return…

Especially as favorably structured for investors as this deal is.

Now, when you combine this with my 398% return projection from the 40 existing oil wells in Tier One of this deal (which represent 4/5ths of the capital split)…

You get an impressive projection of 464% total returns over the life of the wells.

Again, the vast majority of these gains are “front-weighed” – meaning they’re estimated to come in the first 2-3 years.

Don’t forget, the gains from this project will be paid out to investors in cash

To the tune of as much as $2,689 a month, based on my projections…

For up to 10 years.

And let me just reiterate one more time – to make sure you’re perfectly clear…

These are my personal estimates of your return potential. They’re based on the production, pricing, and historical data in my hands.

Variations in a number of factors could conceivably change your payout, and this timeline.

But again, with that said…

Your total take-home gains from Money Map Project #2(A) could also turn out to be far higher than what I’ve estimated here.

That’s because I’ve intentionally over-factored the risks into my calculations – and the expenses.

I’ve also under-factored the anticipated yields and “hit ratios” for both parts of the project.

Nor do my profit projections factor in ANY of the incredible tax benefits you’ll qualify for once you invest in this deal…

Which could literally put thousands of dollars into your pocket THIS TAX YEAR (I’ll show you exactly how shortly).

Yes, in just a moment, I’m going to give you all the particulars you’ll need to know about Money Map Project #2(A).

First, though, I want to show you WHY you should give this project – and my research service as a whole – your most serious attention…

At the exclusion of all other direct capital deals.

My "10 Cardinal Rules" for the biggest profits –  at the lowest risk

Based on my 38 years of experience in the field, I can tell you this one thing with absolute certainty…

When it comes to direct capital oil and gas plays, 99% of investors do it wrong.

A lot of them lose a lot of money, too.

Case in point: One company I know of – and no, I won’t name it – has an oil drilling project right now in the western U.S. that’s comprised of a single well.

Despite the extremely long odds of any single oil well hitting a gusher, this company nevertheless raised $4 million in capital, and commenced drilling operations.

But here’s the thing: That single well will only cost about $2 million to drill.

Where’d the other $2 million go?

Straight into the pockets of this drilling company’s executives – the second the drill bit hit the ground!

And the scary truth is, these are the kinds of deals being presented to investors more and more often nowadays.

That’s one of two main goals of my new direct capital research service…

The first is to protect Money Map readers from shady deals – and ensure they have the best shot at investing in oil and gas the right way.

The second is to give my subscribers the chance to reap the millions that have been reserved only for insiders and high rollers until now.

I accomplish these goals by regularly providing subscribers with information on the oil and gas industry that they cannot find anywhere else…

Supplemented by my targeted research on specific investment opportunities.

Like I’ve been saying, nothing could make you a fortune faster than my personally vetted direct capital plays. 

In fact, there’s not a chance anyone could even come close to duplicating the deal I’m recommending today outside of Money Map Project #2(A).

There are four reasons for this…

CONTACTS: They say it’s not what you know, but who you know…

And there’s some truth to that. A lot of the most lucrative oil deals are normally closed to outsiders. So it pays to have the right connections in your call caddy.

Take the 12 counties of our Kansas "fast oil" drilling grounds, for example…

Access to that acreage is normally restricted to a small, tight-knit network of oil and gas companies. You don’t get to drill on that land without an “in” of some kind.

But because these "good 'ol boys" all know me and I’ve consulted for them for years, I was welcomed into Kansas with open arms for recommending this deal.

INFLUENCE: Since I made my first recommendation under my new research service, oil and gas companies have caught wind of my “10 Cardinal Rules.”

They know that if their investment opportunities don’t meet each and every one of these rules, I won’t even consider recommending them to my subscribers.

That’s why the companies involved in Money Map Project #2(A) have prepared such a stunning deal…

One designed to cut you in on their very best wells – from their very best land.

OBJECTIVITY: Most of the people pitching you on oil and gas deals nowadays are paid to do so by the companies involved. In other words, they’re utterly self-interested.

But for the record, neither myself – nor anyone at Money Map Press – will ever receive a single penny as part of any direct capital deal I'll ever recommend in my service.

That's because I started this service solely to help Money Map readers cash in on the HUGE oil and gas profits that have been off limits to them for 80 years

NOT to get any richer myself.

EXPERTISE: It would be impossible for me to identify the best possible terms for investors without knowing all the ins, outs, and loopholes of the oil and gas business.

As I showed you earlier with that one-well, $4 million drilling project…

Even smart, cautious, diligent investors can get taken to the cleaners on direct capital oil plays if they don’t have an insider in their corner.

That’s why I'm using my lifetime of inside oil and gas knowledge to vet and recommend deals for you that really ARE as low-risk and high-reward as possible.

It’s also why I developed my "10 Cardinal Rules" for private capital investments.

I simply will not recommend a direct capital investment to you if it doesn’t meet every one of these ten criteria. Never.

CARDINAL RULE #1: Proven track record.
Any company I recommend for direct investment must have a verifiable history of bringing productive, profitable projects online. This automatically rules out start-ups, first-time drillers, or wildcatters looking to turn a quick buck. I'm continually surprised by how often direct investors overlook a company's real-world track record (or lack thereof).

CARDINAL RULE #2: Transparent accounting.
Before I can recommend any company for a direct investment project, I have to be able to scrutinize their books and records on current and prior drilling programs. I also need to be able to talk to current and past investors in the company's projects. If ALL of these things aren’t quickly and willingly made accessible to me (or to investors like you, for that matter), the company is automatically rejected.

CARDINAL RULE #3: Proven territory.
If a company's proposed investment blocks are not in territory that’s proven productive for drilling or secondary recovery, I automatically reject them. I have to know– and be able to prove – that the oil and gas is there. This greatly reduces investor risk, because production statistics for the area already exist, and the geology is already known.

CARDINAL RULE #4: Fast payback potential.
Part of this equation is drilling quickly, on proven ground. But for a project to pay investors back fast, infrastructure like pipelines, rail access, and field services must also be in place. This ensures that the production we're anticipating can come online (and get to market) as quickly as possible. Very often, this crucial aspect is ignored by investors – and undisclosed by companies vying for your cash.

CARDINAL RULE #5: Proportionate payout.
Under my rule, a company (and its principals) must take its returns at the same ratio as investors. In other words, they can't pocket two dollars for every dollar they pay you. This “proportional payout" condition is one that most oil companies won't accept. But I require it for any direct investment deal I’ll recommend to you.

CARDINAL RULE #6: Concurrent payout.
I require that a drilling company – or any of its principals – cannot receive any wellhead profits unless investors are ALSO receiving their entitled portions of the project revenue. I will never present any direct investment deal to you without this stipulation. If a company does not operate under this practice (and most of them don't), I reject them from consideration.

CARDINAL RULE #7: Best field practices.
Any drilling company I recommend for a direct investment deal must adhere to the most state-of-the-art, cost-effective field practices currently in use. For me to consider them, in fact, they must be able to show a history of costs that are below industry averages.

CARDINAL RULE #8: Savings reimbursement.
Under this rule, any savings below estimated costs that result from "best practices" in the field must be passed back upstream to the investor. And like with profits, I also require that investors realize the financial benefits of these savings in equal proportion – and at the same time – as the drilling company.

CARDINAL RULE #9: Multiple revenue streams.
Most drilling companies expand their profit streams beyond oil and gas, but few of them share these revenues with investors. I believe that if a company makes money on the drilling land in other ways – via farming out, minerals, rights-of-way, etc. – that investors are entitled to an even cut of it. So that must be part of any deal I’ll recommend.

CARDINAL RULE #10: Pass-along tax benefits.
One way in which seasoned oilmen pocket a substantial amount of money on private capital deals is by pocketing all the tax write-offs. But under this rule, a company must pass along to its investors a proportionate share of all applicable tax benefits and incentives. I will not consider recommending a firm if they don't do this (or don't do it 100%).

The sole purpose of these rules is to ensure that every deal I recommend for you is as low-risk and high-reward as possible.

And you won’t find protections like these anywhere else in the oil and gas world.

You’ll ONLY find them through the recommendations in my direct capital research and vetting service.

I’ll give you all the specifics on this service in a moment.

But first, I want to give you the investment parameters for Money Map Project #2(A).

Once again, though – there are reasons why your time is very limited here. If you want in on this deal, you will have to move quickly.

Let me break it all down for you right now…

A deal you won't be able to get anywhere else… ever

Direct capital investing isn't like buying stocks, bonds, options, or anything else you've done before. That’s part of its appeal.

As you now know, direct investing in oil and gas brings unparalleled profit opportunities…

It is in exchange for greater risks, however – especially now that every Tom, Dick, and Harry with an oil lease is marketing for your capital.

With my service, I've done everything I can to reduce or eliminate your risks…

And to enhance your profit potential on these opportunities.

But even as painstakingly vetted as all of these Money Map Projects are…

There's no such thing as 100% guaranteed returns in the investing world. All investments carry their own unique risk/reward profiles.

So under the circumstances, my best, most objective counsel is this…

Before you pull the trigger on anything I recommend, be absolutely sure you're comfortable with the risk/reward scenario I've laid out.

With that in mind…

What follows is all the information you’ll need to determine whether Money Map Project #2(A) – or any other projects I’ll recommend – is right for you.

Am I qualified to invest in these direct capital deals?

First and foremost, to invest in Money Map Project #2(A), or any of the other investments I’ll share in my research service, you must be a citizen of the United States or Canada.

You must also be an "accredited investor" under the SEC definition, which reads in part:

  1. a natural person who has individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person's spouse, that exceeds $1 million at the time of the purchase, excluding the value of the primary residence of such person;
  2. a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year;

You WILL need to be able to document that you meet these "accredited investor" criteria, with tax returns, paystubs, bank and asset statements, etc.

Now to be clear, this doesn't mean that accredited investors are the only ones who can sign up for my research on these projects…

If they're willing to pay the subscription fee, any Money Map reader – accredited investor or not – can get my service and receive information on all of my direct capital recommendations… not just Money Map Project #2(A).

How much will it cost me to buy into the project?

Ordinarily, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in on direct oil and gas deals.

However, all of my recommended Money Map Projects so far have required a very low minimum buy-in: Only $12,500.

For that investment, you’ll receive one "unit" of Money Map Project #2(A).

Your buy-in, however large or small…

Entitles you to a proportional split of all revenues, cost savings, and tax benefits from this project, as dictated by my "10 Cardinal Rules."

Now, in the past, the number of units a qualified investor could buy was unlimited

And as I touched on earlier, some investors went hog-wild on Money Map Project #2 back in July – snapping up as many as 20 and 30 units apiece!

However, because of that literal flood of investor capital that poured into Money Map Project #2 in mere days…

In the interest of fairness to all qualified Money Map readers, investment in Project #2(A) will be limited to four units or less.

At $12,500 apiece, that’s a $50,000 maximum buy-in.

Just to recap, based on the conservative projections I outlined for you earlier…

A $50,000 investment in Project #2(A) could begin paying you revenues of at least $2,689 a month, once both tiers of the project are online.

That’s the real appeal of direct capital oil and gas plays you’ll hear about through my service…

You don’t have to wait years for some stock to appreciate before you get paid.

The instant you sign the papers making you an investor in Money Map Project #2(A), you’ll get put into the queue for these revenue checks…

So you could start getting them month after month, like clockwork – for up to 15 years!

What's the deal on the tax write-offs?

Investing directly in oil and gas projects is a completely different tax scenario than any other kind of investing you can do.

And although I'd always advise you to consult a tax professional before making any big investment decisions…

The truth is, there are FIVE major ways you could save huge money through direct investment in my recommended oil and gas projects.

These five write-offs could literally put thousands of dollars in your pocket…

Starting with THIS tax year!

As just one example, there’s the "intangible drilling costs" deduction…

Believe it or not, up to 85% of the capital it takes to drill a typical oil well is spent on things like chemicals, lubes, labor, fuel, etc.

Intangible things, as opposed to tangible hardware like drill bits, generators, rigs, etc.

Now, because you’ll be invested directly into the project – and not simply holding shares of the drilling company…

All these "intangible" expenses are immediately tax-deductible for you.

You DON'T have to depreciate these things over seven years, like the capital deductions common to so many other kinds of investing…

Nope, you can just skim it right off the top of your taxable income – in the same calendar year these expenses are incurred.

For example, let’s say you invested $50,000 into one of my direct capital oil projects that was entirely drilling-focused – like my very first Texas recommendation was…

If all the project’s wells were drilled in the same tax year, you could realistically write off as much as $42,500 from your taxable income for that year.

For someone in the 39.6% top tax bracket, that’s an instant, lump-sum savings of $16,830!

Now remember – this is just ONE of five incredible drilling-specific deductions you’ll be able to capitalize on as an investor in Money Map Project #2(A)

Because of the two-tiered nature of the deal (both drilling AND existing production), there are several other substantial deductions, credits, and write-offs you could qualify for.

And I’m going to walk you through every one of these once you sign up for my research service.

A word of advice, though…

If you invest in this project (or any other direct deal I recommend), you should enlist the aid of an accountant who’s familiar with oil and gas investing before you file your taxes.

That way, you’ll have the best possible chance to capitalize on all the incredible benefits your investment entitles you to.

I’m interested – what happens now?

The only way you can get in on Money Map Project #2(A) – or any direct capital deals I’ll ever recommend, for that matter…

Is to sign up for my breakthrough direct capital investment research service.

Signing up for this service is fast, simple and straightforward. In just a few moments, I’ll direct you to a link that’ll get you started on that process.

Once again, signing up for this service DOES NOT lock you into investing in Money Map Project #2(A) – or anything else.

It simply entitles you to all the information, details, and support you'll need to make the decision to invest in this deal – or any future deals I’ll recommend to you.

Remember, as lucrative and low-risk as I’m expecting Money Map Project #2(A) to be, this isn’t just about any one deal.

I’ll typically share several direct capital investment opportunities with you each year through the direct capital research and information service.

Once you're set up with my service, the first thing you'll get is my "investment dossier" on Money Map Project #2(A), which includes:

  1. Investor's Summary for Money Map Project #2(A): This is where you'll get all the details on this lowest-possible-risk deal I'm recommending. You'll get the names and profiles of the three companies involved, full project specs, the exact numbers I used to compute your "break even" date and profit potential, details on proposed revenue streams for the project beyond drilling and flooding (there are several of these), and lots more…

    You'll also get detailed instructions on exactly how to invest in Money Map Project #2(A), should you choose to do so.
  1. My Wellhead Tax Angles and Advantages Guidebook: This guidebook is ONLY available to Money Map readers who sign up for my direct capital research service. I wrote it myself – and in it, you'll discover the five incredible tax advantages inherent to direct investing in oil and gas. Most investors (and accountants, for that matter) are totally clueless about these…

    But with this new guide in hand, you'll have all the information and every lucrative deduction and tax benefit you can possibly claim.

After you receive this comprehensive “dossier” on Money Map Project #2(A)

Your next step will be to request FedEx express delivery of all the particulars of this deal, directly from the three companies involved in the project.

Now, this will be a lot of information &nndash; several hundred pages worth, in fact.

But don't be thrown off by all this material. Most of it is required by law, for your protection.

And I’m going to help you process it all with my Investors' Summary

You'll also be entitled to telephone hotline support from an investor assistance team provided by one of the companies involved in this deal.

This number is dedicated exclusively to Money Map Project #2(A), and I’ll give it to you as soon as you’re up and running with my service…

After you've received and reviewed all these materials, the next move is yours. At that point, you can choose to invest in the project – or not. It's entirely up to you.

But as I've mentioned a number of times now, you cannot wait on this opportunity.

Here’s why…

Why the rush – isn’t this project bigger than the last one?

As I mentioned before, the target capital pool for Money Map Project #2(A) IS substantially larger than it was for Project #2

In fact, the capital target for this new deal is the largest one yet – $52 million.

At the low $12,500 buy-in, that’s a total of 4,160 investable units.

However, this figure can be a little deceiving.

Between existing members and the waiting list, there are an awful lot of people who are chomping at the bit to get all the information on Money Map Project #2(A)

And a lot of them are no doubt reaching for their checkbooks on this deal, even as I say these words.

Beyond this, there’s the fact that with every passing deal I recommend, investors are becoming more and more comfortable with my direct capital research service…

Especially when we’ve got such encouraging early results from the field.

Like that “gusher” that flooded Money Map Project #1 with oil this past spring!

So for all of these reasons – and others I could go into…

I'm once again predicting massive investment in Money Map Project #2(A) from the Money Map readership.

No bones about it – this deal is likely one of the best deals you will ever see in the oil and gas world

And it’s literally the least risky oil deal I’ve seen in my entire career.

Remember, there are only 4,160 units of Money Map Project #2(A) to go around.

At just the average four-unit buy in that’s been happening on all these deals so far…

That’s only enough room for 1,040 investors!

But as I said before, this isn’t just about one deal.

Typically, I’ll recommend several deals throughout the year under my research service, and I’ll be providing plenty of information on the oil and gas investing climate along the way.

But I can guarantee you this much…

You’ll NEVER get in on Money Map Project #2(A) if you don’t move fast… Like right now.

Join Now

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OK, with all that said, let me wrap this up by showing you how easy it is sign up for my direct capital research service…

Remember, this is the ONLY way you can get the specifics on Money Map Project #2(A).

Or any other potentially lucrative direct capital deal I’ll ever recommend.

At the bottom of this page…

There's a button that'll take you to all the specific information you'll need in order to sign up for my service.

The process is fast, easy, and straightforward.

Once again, clicking the button does NOT lock you into anything, or obligate you in any way.

It just gives you the details on how to receive all my research on Money Map Project #2(A), plus every other project I’ll recommend over the next year…

Now, once you sign up, you'll receive everything I outlined earlier within 48 hours after your order is processed:

  • My comprehensive Investors' Summary for Money Map Project #2(A).
  • My invaluable tax guidebook, Wellhead Tax Angles and Advantages.
  • The dedicated investor support hotline number for Money Map Project #2(A).

You'll also begin receiving the following things as part of your membership:

Quarterly Bulletins: You'll get these via both email and postal mail. In them, you’ll get my overview and progress reports on all companies and projects I'm vetting for potential direct capital investment…

I'll let you know how they stack up to my "10 Cardinal Rules," where we are in relation to specific deal points – plus my perspectives on the chances of ending up with a future investable recommendation.

I’ll also give you all pertinent news and perspectives relevant to particular deals at hand, past and current. You'll also get my running commentary on the state of direct oil and gas investing, the hydrocarbons market at large, and much more.

Periodic Dispatches: Whenever there's an update on a previous direct capital investing recommendation, or any other urgent news to report, you’ll find one of these dispatches in your email inbox.

You'll also regularly receive production (or payout) news for projects I've recommended, information on new discoveries, production forecast revisions, and other important items.

Additional "Buy-in" Alerts: For as long as you're a member of my direct capital research service, you're entitled to ALL details on ANY deal I recommend.

In these alerts, I’ll give you comprehensive analysis of these opportunities, details on how the companies involved meet my "10 Cardinal Rules," plus all other information pertinent to the deal.

In other words: Everything you’ll need to know to pull the trigger on these deals fast!

Now, while you're deciding whether to take the next step toward signing up for my groundbreaking direct capital research service…

And get in on the incredible deal I've showed you today…

I want you to fully understand what I’m bringing to the table.

First off, it takes an enormous amount of time to vet these deals – an average of at least 300 man-hours per deal, so far.

I’ve got to pore over endless pages of data and statistics, grill cagey company executives, inspect drilling sites in far-flung locales, and more…

And all to make sure that my "10 Cardinal Rules" are met beyond question before I’ll recommend any deal.

I also do it to make sure that these deals are as low-risk, fast-payback, and high-reward as they can possibly be.

Now, I’m not mentioning this to play my fiddle about all the effort it takes to make this service such an incredible breakout success…

But so that you know beyond any possible doubt that I've done my due diligence for you.

Because as I’ve mentioned several times, the climate for direct investment in oil and gas ventures is getting more and more risky.

For opportunities to make REAL money (and keep your shirt on), you’ll need me and my research in your corner.

That’s why I've done everything I can to make it an easy decision for you to join my service today – and get complete details on Money Map Project #2(A).

I’ve shown you how more than 80% of the project is allocated to already-producing wells, which is as favorable a scenario as you can get…

I’ve shown you how the project could start cutting you in on as much as $2,689 every single month – with the “gravy train” flowing for up to 15 years.

I’ve shown you how you could easily clear 464% in gains (and likely much more)…

I’ve also shown you why demand for Money Map Project #2(A) is likely to be even stronger than it was for Money Map Project #2, which sold out in 10 days back in July.

So the next move is yours. I can’t take that step for you.

The future looks very bright for direct capital oil investments.

And because of the runaway success of my first recommendation under this new investment research service…

I’ve been asked to review some of the very best oil and gas projects in the world for potential recommendation.

In fact, passing my “10 Cardinal Rules” is becoming like a badge of honor for drilling companies.

The beauty of this buzz is that to secure my recommendation, they literally have to offer up their very best projects to me for vetting…

That means the deals you’ll learn about in my service are the absolute crème-de-la-crème.

They might just be the highest profit, fastest payback direct capital oil and gas projects in the entire world

And with the information you’ll receive through my service, they’re yours for the taking – starting with Money Map Project #2(A).

To learn how to get started cashing in, all you need to do is click on the button below.

However, as I've been saying all along here, you must do it right now

Or you’ll once again risk missing out on the biggest oil and gas revenues you’ll ever get a crack at.


Sincerely Yours,

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Dr. Kent Moors
October 2014

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