Your Perfectly Diversified Portfolio Could Be in Danger – Here’s Why

Over the past two weeks, I’ve explained how automated investment services, or “robo-advisors,” are generally wired. Today, I’m tackling what the real problems are with robo-advisory services – who should use them, and how not to get crushed when they go haywire. Depending on what theories and math robo-advisors are wired for, they construct a[…]

What President Trump Means for Your Energy Investments

Transitions of power in Washington, D.C., always cause some angst, but probably never more than this time. Donald Trump has won the electoral vote while losing the popular vote, which is only the second time that has happened in the past five elections. An already divided country will stay like that, and President-elect Trump’s honeymoon[…]

Russia’s Real Achilles Heel: The Best Way to Cripple the Kremlin

Several members have forwarded on a recent piece entitled “To Deter Putin, How about a Total Ban in Russian Energy?” from Newsweek. It is written by Chris Hartwell and Andreas Umland and had previously appeared on the Atlantic Council website. The authors initially number off the now familiar litany of Russian offenses to international sensibilities[…]