Argentina Just Jumpstarted the “New Energy Balance,” and Here’s Who’ll Profit

The attention of energy markets is fixed firmly on the latest news from the Persian Gulf, especially OPEC’s oil cap negotiations – and whether Iraq will end up sabotaging them. Now, these negotiations are crucial to future oil prices. But they are now overshadowing some momentous energy developments in other parts of the world… Especially[…]

OPEC’s Oil Deal is on the Brink of Collapse, and This is the (Unexpected) Culprit

When it comes to the international oil market, geopolitics always trumps market dynamics. That’s just how important securing oil is to modern governments – and how crucial it is to control the flow of oil to other countries. Sometimes, these non-market factors can sway the oil market directly. Yesterday was a great case in point.[…]

The Strange Tale of the “Phantom Oil” Glut – and Why It’s About to Vanish

Marina and I are flying back home as you read this. But before we left, I had a fascinating conversation with a French ex-oil trader – a conversation that revealed something remarkable that’s about to happen to the oil price. Jacques Donat, the former oil trader, is in his mid-thirties. He now works for a[…]

The Secret Way in Which Our Enemies Use Our Infrastructure

Every year I present a briefing to a select gathering of ambassadors, officials, and energy executives at Windsor Castle outside London. These Windsor Energy Consultations take place under a royal charter granted by Queen Elizabeth II. One of the great traditions of these meetings is a behind-closed-doors briefing for ambassadors from around the world, held[…]

OPEC’s “Deal” is a Game-Changer for Oil – But Only if They Do This First

What a difference a few days can make for oil. Coming into this week, oil was drifting down, on doubts about the rumored OPEC oil deal. Then, on Wednesday, several OPEC oil ministers announced that they’d agreed to cap production. Almost instantly, U.S. oil prices shot up 6%. But come Thursday, the enthusiasm had waned,[…]